All about childbirth

All about childbirth

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The big day is coming ... and you can not wait to get to know your baby! This does not prevent you from being a little - much - worried and asking you many more questions. A small panorama of everything that awaits you on the day of delivery.

Childbirth: the big steps

Your baby will soon be able to point the tip of his nose and you purr with happiness, just imagine him snuggled against you. While waiting impatiently for your delivery, you wonder how it will happen. Virginie Christin, a liberal midwife and attached to the maternity hospital of Bourg-en-Bresse, explains the main steps.

How will it be?

Childbirth: the video

Motherhood of Deaconesses in Paris. Daphne is about to give birth to her second baby. At his side, we are witnessing the birth of Theophane: 3,285 kg of emotion ... Welcome to Terre petit homme!

I watch the video.

Childbirth: what are the signs of leaving for maternity?

Fatigue, want to clean the house from top to bottom, contractions, loss of water ... know recognize the signs that give the start!

Is it time to leave?

Contractions announcing childbirth

How to distinguish the contractions that sometimes occur during pregnancy to those announcing the upcoming arrival of your baby. The point with Francine Dauphin, midwife.

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Epidural: 6 truths to know

For your delivery, it is clear, you will ask for a peri. Or, on the contrary, you want to do without it. Or you still have not decided because you are looking for info. Two experienced midwives, Marianne Benoit-Truong Canh and Christine Frèche, explain the advantages and disadvantages of this analgesia.

The truth about the epidural.

Childbirth: the stages

From work time to birth to cervical dilation and baby's passage, discover all the fabulous stages of childbirth on video.

I watch the video.

Cesarean section: all you need to know

Programmed or not, caesarean is a surgical procedure to extract the baby from the mother's uterus. When is it practiced? How's it going ? Are there any risks? The answers to your questions with our file.

Cesarean section.

Childbirth: when and how to push?

On the medical side, normal childbirth consists of three well-defined stages. The expulsion phase or push phase greatly involves the mother and the baby. How to grow well to give birth? Here are the answers.

Push, push!

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