Travel by car: children get bored after 27 minutes

Travel by car: children get bored after 27 minutes

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"When are we coming?", If you went on holiday this weekend with your children, you must have heard this sentence in a loop! And for good reason, a study has calculated that, on average, children get bored after 27 minutes when they travel by car.

  • "Mom, it's long!" This is a phrase you may be familiar with when you drive with your children and have probably heard if you have left, or come back from, a vacation these days.
  • An international study conducted by TomTom, the company that makes GPS, accurately reveals the time beyond which a child between 2 and 8 years old is bored by car. On average, it is from 27 minutes that impatience points the tip of his nose, the little French holding slightly more, with 30 minutes, against 23 minutes for Australian children or 25 minutes in Spain.

An average of 5 hours

  • According to this survey, the holiday trip lasts an average of five hours and to cope, parents, mainly moms, do not lack ideas: 74% of them organize games, 52% distribute treats and gifts, and 24% admit to lying on arrival time ...
  • Also think about DVDs that can save you the ride for a few miles and stop on freeway areas that offer activities to allow your little passengers to let off steam. And why not take a nap after ...

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