Three little firs

Three little firs

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Little Santa Claus, Long live the wind, My beautiful Christmas tree ... your toddler loves these nursery rhymes that tell him about Christmas. You forgot the lyrics? Find them! To sing loudly with your child to wait until D-Day. Here, Three little firs.

  • Three little firs
  • They were shaking hands
  • Because it was Christmas
  • From the earth to the sky.
  • Take the path
  • Leading to the village
  • Until the display
  • From a department store
  • There they covered themselves
  • From all that glitters
  • Balls and candles
  • Garlands for glow
  • And went back
  • Hand in hand
  • By the beautiful path
  • From the clear star
  • To the forest
  • Where midnight sounded,
  • Because it was Christmas
  • From the earth to the sky