Swap your Christmas presents!

Swap your Christmas presents!

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Santa brought the same gift twice to your child? Instead of returning it to the store, the website www.prê, allows you to trade with other Internet users the objects you want to separate. A practical and economical solution.

Did your child receive the same doll twice or did your mother-in-law give you the same book as your sister? Instead of returning them in stores, the website offers you to swap your gifts fallen in duplicate of the hood of Santa Claus.

The principle of online barter

  • First stage : upload the object you want to separate. You can add up to 4 photos per item. For your transaction to be a success, be as descriptive as possible by indicating the purchase price and the condition of your item. The site will validate your ad within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Second step : you indicate the type of items you would like to have in exchange for the gift you are dividing.
  • Third step : it's up to you to choose among the exchange offers made to you. The site then provides you the label to dispatch your parcel (5,90 € of postage), you just have to deposit it in the nearest parcels relay (4000 relay partners). You will receive in return your "new gift".

Do you prefer to sell your gifts?

  • Besides the famous online sales sites (Ebay, Priceminister), the specialized website offers you to redeem your gifts online. The site also lists all items available in stores throughout France.

Want to resell your cell phone?

Santa Claus was wrong phone model? The site is buying your mobiles and other electronic devices in perfect condition for the price of new or almost.

Stéphanie Letellier