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Scooter: 5 tips that roll

Scooter: 5 tips that roll

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Ride a scooter preparing for cycling. Start, keep your balance, brake, turn ... easy! But watch out for falls. Follow the advice of road safety.

1. Equip your child well

  • To ride a scooter, your child needs to protect his wrists, head, elbows and knees. The helmet must comply with CE standards and the wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads adapted to the size of your child. Have this equipment tested before purchase and explain to your child that the helmet does not perform its function unless it is attached.

2. Teach him the rules of the road

  • Like a pedestrian, your scooter rider has the right to drive only on the sidewalks and must cross the crosswalk to cross (but at that age, of course, you accompany him).

3. Explain to him that he is faster than pedestrians

  • It is up to him to adapt his speed so as not to surprise others and to make sure that he can stop in time if necessary.

4. Repeat the safety instructions

  • Your child on a scooter should not drive too close to the exits of buildings or parked cars to avoid being knocked over by a car coming out of the garage or a motorist who opens his door.

5. Regularly check the condition of his scooter

  • Clamping of the axles, state of the bearings, wear of the brakes ... in case of doubt, bring his machine to the revision.

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