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Pacifier: take stock

Pacifier: take stock

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The pacifier ... you heard everything - almost - about her. The opportunity to take stock of its disadvantages and benefits (it has) and on how to unpack your child when the time comes.

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Quiz: what do you know about the pacifier?

Totote for some, lollipop or tutute for others, the pacifier is just as much criticized by some parents qu'encensée by others. Surely because it has both disadvantages and advantages. Do you know them ?

I'm doing the quiz!

The advantages of the pacifier

We know by heart the defects of the totote: nest with microbes, responsible for sleep disorders, brake the learning of language ... And yet, the pacifier also provides real services. The proof by 4.

Not only defects.

Thumb or nipple: advantages and disadvantages

On the thumb as on the pacifier, you have heard everything. The best and the worst. What is it exactly? State of play

Thumb or pacifier?

When to stop the pacifier?

It's annoying. Your toddler seems addicted to his "tototte". For your part, you would like to delete it ...

Find the right moment!

Addicted to his pacifier, a problem?

Your child falls and comes to console in your arms with pacifier ... An hour later, you scold him, he cries and claims his pacifier ... In the evening, it is with still with it that he falls asleep, like a big ... who is about 3 years old!

A pacifier and then ...

Tips to help him do without it

Your child is growing up ... and he will soon be the only one in his group to have a pacifier! How to help him "pick up"?

Need a boost?

Pacifier: what place at school?

Your toddler will enter kindergarten ... but can he bring his blanket or lollipop? The answer is yes ! Kindergarten teachers are well aware of the importance of these "precious" objects.

Is he right or not?