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A love of Pisces

A love of Pisces

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Born between February 20th and March 20th, your little Pisces is a true tender who loves hugs. What are his main character traits, how do you behave with him, what games or gift ideas for his birthday?

His character

  • How He loves you your little Pisces. He looks at you as if you were a golden star, his star! To give love and to receive it, he knows how to do it from an early age.
  • It is true that he cries when Bambi loses his mother, that he does not like a child finds himself alone at the recess and that he always feels if you are worried ... Your little Pisces has a rare gift for his age : empathy ! No one but himself will show so much empathy for suffering beings and animals. It vibrates in unison with Nature.
  • At home, your little Pisces can be damn saucy. This shy angel turns into a devil when he is confident ... Outside, he does not move away from your skirts and when a too violent brawl breaks out between his friends, he will swim a little further, all alone, in his ocean of dreams.
  • If he sails sometimes between two waters, it is because he is very sensitive and that he lacks a little confidence in himself. On the other hand, he has an extremely lively and fertile imagination.
  • It's a child very intuitive and, more than another, permeable to the events of family life. You will be amazed by this seed of humanist who understands situations so well.

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