A 10-month-old baby martyred

A 10-month-old baby martyred

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On Christmas Eve, a 26-year-old woman went to the hospital with her 10-month-old baby in tears. After several exams, the doctors discovered that the child suffered from several fractures. Alerted, the social services removed the child to his mother. (News of the 07/01/11)

  • December 26, a mother goes to the hospital with her 10-month-old boy crying. The child is immediately transferred to pediatric emergencies in Avignon, where doctors discover that he suffers from multiple fractures and wounds to his mouth. To explain these injuries, some of which are older, the mother tells the hospital staff that the baby has dropped from her cot. Unconvinced by this version of the facts, social services are alerted and the boy is removed from his mother

Spirits who throw the baby on the ground

  • The mother and her companion were taken into custody a few days later. The couple then conjures up spirits that would have lifted the baby to hit him on the ground before the father-in-law finally admitted to having abused the young victim. The mother should be prosecuted for "deprivations of care" and her companion for "willful violence by anyone with authority over a minor under the age of 15".

Abuse in France

  • In a book published in 2010 entitled "The Forgotten", (Threshold Editor) Anne Tursz, pediatrician, epidemiologist and research director at Inserm, estimates that 5 to 10% of children are abused in France, a figure 10 to 100 times higher than the official figures. At the closing of the General Assembly of the child, in June 2010, the former Secretary of State for the Family, Nadine Morano had announced better support for parenthood to, among other things, better detect these emergencies.

If you think a child in your life is in an alarming situation, contact 119.

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