A baby dies of malnutrition

A baby dies of malnutrition

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A 10-month-old baby, dying of undernutrition, was found at his parents' home on April 20th. A relative had alerted the rescue. (News of the 29/04/10)

  • April 20threscuers were called to the home of a family from Péage-de-Roussillon in Isère. They discovered the lifeless body of a 10-month-old child who was undernourished. Alerted by a relative of the baby's parents, the helpers had to pass the dogs who blocked the door to access the cradle. The toddler had died 48 hours after several days of agony due to lack of care and food.

Addicted parents?

  • The parents are known social services for addiction. The custody of their first child had been withdrawn and a judge had ordered regular social assistance visits. The association in charge of the file of this family has been slow to put the device in place. The General Council of Isere has requested the opening of an investigation.
  • The mother of the infant was found. Pregnant with her third child, she is currently hospitalized due to an overdose. As for the father, he was absent the week of the tragedy.

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