An advent calendar that kicks us!

An advent calendar that kicks us!

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In front of the fireplace, hung on the tree or just hanging on the door frame, Santa's boots look after the decor and welcome some surprise toys or delicacies for the pleasure of the little ones and the big ones.


  • You need : fine burlap, red and green felt, red ribbon, glue and embroidery cotton, a pair of scissors, a pencil, yellow paint.


  • Fold the burlap several times on itself to obtain 4 thicknesses.
  • On the first layer of canvas, trace the shape of the boot in pencil.
  • With the scissors, cut the shape of the boot on all the thicknesses. Repeat the process 12 times.
  • To make each of the 24 boots, glue or sew two layers all around and 5 mm wide leaving the top of the boot free.
  • Cut a pattern (here a heart or a fir tree) in the colored felt and stick it in the center of the boot.
  • On top, paint the numbers in yellow, from 1 to 24.
  • Sew a strip of red ribbon at the top of the boot and let a loop of ribbon hang over the tree.
  • Sew also a small red bow as in the picture.
  • Place a surprise in each little boot ... that your elves will enjoy discovering over the days.

Idea +

  • If the realization of these boots seems to you too complicated, you can realize small square bags in falls of fabrics that you will tie at the top after having arranged a surprise.
  • Place on them iron-on numbers.

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