A catalog of Swedish toys for gender equality!

A catalog of Swedish toys for gender equality!

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Exit the girls behind the furnaces and the boys at the workbenches! In Sweden, a large chain of toy stores has decided to end gender stereotypes. In 2012, she proposed for Christmas a sexually neutral catalog where babies are cradled in the arms of little boys!

A catalog of toys of a new kind

  • Sweden is considered one of the most more active in the fight for gender equality.
  • It multiplies the initiatives in order to put an end to the stereotypes and the discrimination between girls and boys.
  • Already in 2012, the country had mobilized international attention, by introducing into the dictionary the neuter pronoun "Hen", neither he nor she, to erode the distinction of genres from infancy.
  • For Christmas, it is the turn of a large chain of toy stores to offer a sexually neutral catalog to cancel some clichés.
  • The boys have excellent ironing board while dealing with dolls tandis that the girls get into construction games while playing machine gun!

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