Help for the unemployed with children

Help for the unemployed with children

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Starting in June, unemployed persons with dependent children who return to work or receive training will receive a minimum of € 200. (News of 28/05/09)

  • It's official, from Juneunemployed persons who have one or more dependent children and who find a job, or who are undergoing training, will be able to benefit from service-employment checks, worth between € 200 and € 600, depending on the number of dependent children.

What are the conditions for obtaining this help?

  • Granted on the prescription of the employment center, as part of the payment of employment-service checks to the poorest households, announced by the government last February, this exceptional assistance will be granted to parents on the list of jobseekers at the date of their access to a new job or training. One condition, however, employment on permanent or fixed-term contract must be of a minimum duration of one month, and training of a duration equal to 40 hours.

Stéphanie Letellier