A mother has the right not to be perfect

A mother has the right not to be perfect

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You would love to stick to the image of perfection, if only to silence the little voices of guilt that whisper in you that you are ready to lift mountains.

So, a question ... Does the perfectionism of Bree Van de Kamp, the impeccable redhead of Desperate Housewiwes, send you back the image of happiness? In order to live happily, you absolutely need to have a gleaming floor, impeccably dressed and dressed children, a refrigerator stocked like a basket won at the best lottery. With 3 eggs, you can make an omelette and, for one evening, it will be very good!

A mother has her limits

A mother can crack. She has the right to say that she can not take it anymore, that it's too much for her, that she is a being of emotions ... In short, that she is only a woman who can do something else in life that organize, anticipate. And her relatives have the duty to answer him that she is right, that they apologize even for having forgotten her for a time and that she must go to the cinema, the hammam, with her friends or alone it's like she wants!

A mother is first a woman

Hairdressing, manicure, even makeover ... This program is not only on M6. It can also apply to you. To feel new, fresh, beautiful and desirable, a new pair of shoes and a little sweater give oxygen. And if you went through the perfume shop try the latest perfume "Banel". Pschittez, it's free. Finally a free act in this world of brutes.

A mother is a woman

And who says woman says comparison, jealousy ... Relationships between female members are often very complex. They are fed confidences and betrayal. A single watchword, especially during periods of high vulnerability: say as little as possible. Or only to your friend forever, to your mother if the relationship is serene. To avoid: confidences about your personal life at work. Nine out of ten chances for them to come back to you when you least expect it.

Carole Renucci

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