USA: A 6-year-old girl searched at the airport!

USA: A 6-year-old girl searched at the airport!

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At the airport in New Orleans, a 6-year-old girl underwent advanced digging after passing the safety gates. Shocked, the parents do not fray while the local security agency believes it simply did its job. (News of 16 and 17/04/11)

  • Little Anna, 6, surely did not expect that. On her way to New Orleans airport with her parents, she was selected for an advanced dig, by palpation, after passing the security gates.
  • Shocked, the girl's parents filmed the scene with their mobile phone. We see the agent, a woman, warn the child that she will move her hand "behind her belt". She also explains to parents that she will only touch her private parts "with the back" of her hands, covered with plastic gloves.

Afraid terrorists use children

  • Has the search gone too far for a child? The local air safety agency defends itself by explaining that it has complied with the rules and is worried that terrorists will start using children if security measures are relaxed.
  • Jason ChaffetzA congressional congressional official said he was "disgusted and outraged" and denounced "a clear rape" of a rule of the TSA advising against palpation on children under 13 years.
  • Poto see the video, click here.

Not better in France?

• Last week, in the Roseraie district, in Angers, five children aged 7 to 9, four girls and a boy, found themselves at the police station after having scribbled walls, in the garden of their city, with pieces of wood. In his defense, the police explained that they took the children to the station not for vandalism, but because they were left on their own. The prosecutor Brigitte Angibaud simply felt for its part that "the police could have handled this more appropriately".

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