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Holidays: a new place is adventure!

Holidays: a new place is adventure!

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Camping, rental, hotel ... These unknown places can destabilize your little home, but also offer him the opportunity to discover! Our tips to help your child adapt.

Organize a guided tour

  • What a joy for you to finally discover the small hotel or the bungalow unearthed on the Internet! Your enthusiasm will be necessarily communicative! A guided tour on the day of arrival - from the garden to the closets of your room, through all the rooms - will help reassure your toddler if he is a little worried about finding himself in a new place. But there are also the unexpected.
  • "Last summer, we slept in tents with our 2-year-old boy. During the night, the rain began to fall. He was completely panicked to hear the sound of the drops on the canvas! "Says Geoffroy, dad of Lucien.
  • A guided tour certainly could not anticipate this misadventure! The parent can, however, listen to unusual sounds with his child and explain them to him so that the imagination of the youngest child can not gallop and forge scary stories!

Create a cocoon

  • In order for your child to feel comfortable in a place he has never been to, he needs to find some familiar objects. No need to move the whole house, carry the sheets soaked in its smell or bed bumper! On its own, the blanket already provides ample reassurance: it is precisely the role of this unwilling little companion to help him cope with new situations and a little distressing.
  • "When we go on vacation in a rental, we always carry some of Lise's favorite toys. A little as if we were transporting a small piece of his room! "Says Sylvaine, mother of Lise, 18 months.
  • Also be sure to maintain the same rituals of bedtime that you practice the rest of the year.

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