Influenza A vaccine: recommendations

Influenza A vaccine: recommendations

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Mutation of the influenza A virus

First identified in Norway, mutations of the influenza A virus have been recognized in France. Vincent Enouf, Deputy Head of the National Reference Center for Influenza North Region at the Institut Pasteur tells us more. (News of 04/12/09)

Will the vaccine remain effective?

"The main risk is influenza A, not the vaccine"

The outbreak of influenza A continues to spread and questions remain. Is the vaccine reliable? Is this flu so bad? Professor Didier Houssin, Director General of Health takes stock. (News of the 30/11/09)

Update on the vaccine

Influenza A: Immunization will begin in early December in primary

Initially announced from 25 November, the vaccination of 6.6 million primary and kindergarten students will start in early December. (News of 25/11/09)

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The vaccine without adjuvant against the flu A soon available

A few days after the start of the vaccination campaign against influenza A, the French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) has authorized the placing on the market of the vaccine without adjuvant, for pregnant women and children of less than 2 years old. (News of 17/11/09)

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Influenza A: should we be afraid of vaccination?

The vaccination campaign begins today for the frail and the entourage of the infants of less than 6 months. Are vaccines ready? Are they really necessary? During a press conference, three pediatricians and general practitioners responded to the controversy and reminded the interest of this vaccination, especially for children. (News of 12/11/09)

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Influenza A: the vaccination campaign becomes clearer

As the vaccination campaign begins Thursday (November 12th) for the frail and the entourage of infants under 6 months, the Minister of National Education, Luc Chatel, announced that the schoolchildren will be able to profit, on the basis of the volunteering, from 25 November. (News of 10/11/09)

Vaccine, where are we?

How to choose your hydro-alcoholic gel?

While the H1N1 virus continues to grow, Afssaps, French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products, recalls that good hand hygiene and the use of disinfectants can reduce the transmission of this virus. But how to choose a hydro-alcoholic gel? (News of the 30/09/09)

Hygiene, instructions for use.

An adjuvanted vaccine for whom?

While the influenza A vaccination campaign will begin in a few weeks, doubts remain about the effects of the adjuvanted vaccine in pregnant women and young children. (News of 22/09/09)

Which vaccine for me?

A / H1N1 flu: 3 priority groups for vaccination

The European Union confirmed this week the importance of vaccinating people at risk of more than 6 months, health workers and pregnant women as a priority against the H1N1 virus. (News of 27/08/09) I inform myself.

An A / H1N1 flu vaccine for children?

While the number of confirmed cases of influenza A / H1N1 is 276 in France, pharmaceutical companies are studying a vaccine for children. Professor Daniel Floret, President of the Technical Committee on Immunizations, tells us more. (News 02/07/09) The answers of Professor Daniel Floret.