Stretch marks: targeted care

Stretch marks: targeted care

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Against stretch marks that settle on the stomach, thighs, hips and chest, prevention is the best method. Oils, creams ... they are there, from the 4th month of pregnancy to protect your skin. Our selection.

Stretch marks: targeted care (12 photos)

Stretch Mark Balm Cicavit SVR

A complex based on microalgae stimulates fibroblasts in a rich, melting and nourishing texture. Stretch Mark Balm Cicavit: 17 € 200 ml. In drugstore.

Specific Cream Stretch Marks Guinot

Thanks to its green micro-algae extract, it strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin without forgetting to nourish and soften it. Specific Stretch Mark Cream: 32 € the 200 ml. Where to buy it?

Elancyl Stretch Mark Care Oil

Its cocktail of three natural oils (evening primrose, safflower, camelina) has no equal to moisturize, nourish and help the skin to cope. Without perfume and without paraben, its formula allows a safe breastfeeding. Stretch Mark Care Oil: 21,80 € 150 ml. In drugstore.

Phytolastil Gel Lierac

This fresh, non-sticky gel is rooted in ivy and horsetail active ingredients that prevent stretch marks. Phytolastil Gel: 19,90 € the 100 ml. Where to buy it?

Stretch Marks Mustela 9

Patented plant extracts revive the natural activity of the skin, trace elements attenuate nascent stretch marks and shea butter and avocado peptides soothe and reduce inflammation: € 25.41 in 75 ml. Where to buy it?

The Gifted Omum

No less than 9 ultra-rich omega 3,6,9 vegetable dry oils combine to maintain good elasticity, nourish and moisturize the epidermis at the top: € 30.32. Where to buy it?

Intensive Care Stretch Mark Post-Pregnancy Mixa

Rich in shea butter and glycerine, it soothes tightness and diminishes the sensitivity of the skin. Best of all, it is compatible with breastfeeding. Post-Pregnancy Stretch Mark Intensive Care: 11,64 € the 200 ml. Where to buy it?

Palmer's Anti-Stretch Night Care Butter

A concentrated formula that leads a hard life to stretch marks during your sleep: € 13.85 in 190 g. Where to buy it?

Anti-stretch mark strategy

A treatment developed with midwives. It contains vegetable oils and essential organic: 13,95 € in 50 ml. Where to buy it?

Vichy Stretch Mark Integral Action

Rich in silicon, nourishing vegetable oils and hydroxyproline, it fights stretch marks with nourishing vegetable oils: € 22.10. Where to buy it?

Stretch Mark Oil Weleda

Three oils (including wheat germ rich in vitamin A) to improve the elasticity of the skin. Stretch Mark Massage Oil: 14,41 € in 100 ml. Where to buy it?

Percutalfa Stretch Mark Pierre Fabre Health

Without preservatives, it prevents stretch marks with fruit acids and fatty acids: € 18 in 200 ml. In drugstore.