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First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Henria is composed of the Germanic words haimaz and riks which signify "home" and "rich".


Henria Bailey-Lewis was appointed Court County Judge by Governor Steve Beshear in 2008.
Saint Henry is the protector of Henria. This king of Germany married Cunegonde, a duchess who had vowed chastity. Respecting the choice of his wife, he developed monasticism and created the bishopric of Bamberg.

His character :

Charisma and kindness define Henria's personality. It gives off a natural authority that leaves no one indifferent. Great speaker, she easily manages to combine his entourage to his cause. Conscious of this power, she often has fun playing the devil's advocate. It irritates her family, but she does not care. Arriving as an adult, Henria will be perfect in the role of lawyer or commercial.
Enterprising woman, Henria has a keen sense of initiative. Without waiting for the invitation, she takes part in the conversations and never hesitates to give his opinion. Modesty and humility are often lacking. Fortunately, his kindness and friendliness largely compensate for this unflattering trait of his personality.
Great thrill-seeker, Henria loves extreme sports. Her adventurous spirit sometimes leads her to risk her life for nothing. This adventurous soul will be happy to travel and make new discoveries.
Henria is also a great seducer who uses her languid gaze and shy smile to seduce men. Playful, she gives them time to become attached before revealing her reckless and daring nature. Some will flee, others will do the impossible to keep this unique woman ...


This name has no female derivative.

His party :

Henria and his men's variant Henri celebrate on July 13th.

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