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Christmas of Gideon the pig

Christmas of Gideon the pig

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It was the morning of the last Sunday before Christmas. Gideon the little pig snorted and stood on his white legs, excited to find his friends. This day was for all a great day, the day when the manger was being prepared.

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  • He ran to the barn that was to welcome him. There, he found Bruno the lamb, Alain the foal, Odilon the donkey and Emilio the veal grouped around a bed of straw on which a little Jesus would soon take his place.
  • All around, stones brought from outside had been harmoniously arranged at the bottom of the stable, evoking a cave decoration. Alain and Odilon had recovered the scarecrow from the nearest field. Standing in the background, he played his role as a shepherd perfectly.
  • A beam of light crossed a narrow window to land on the improvised cradle, it was beautiful. said Emilio, she's ready! And in full! Everything is there, the shepherd, the lamb, the donkey, the horse, and the ox! "Gideon raised his ears, waiting for the rest. But immediately, there was none. And what about him?
  • Determined not to stop there, he rushed out and headed straight for the nearest farm. He entered the main room, deserted fortunately, and spotted the plant that interested him. With delicacy, he tore two long bamboo leaves that decorated the place. He stared at them well on the top of his head.
  • In a reflection of the window, he admired himself. Perfect ! It looked like two drops of water to Odilon the colt.

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