Kaelig Meaning - Origin and Names

Kaelig Meaning - Origin and Names

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Meaning of the name:

The name Kaelig is a derivative of Judicaël. It is composed of the word "lud" which means "lord" and "hale" which means "generous". Etymologically, the name Kaelig means "generous lord".


Judicaël Perroy is a classical French guitarist.
The Kaelig are celebrated the same day as Saint Judicaël. The eldest son of the king of Domnonia, he was to reign at the death of his father. Preferring to devote himself to faith, he retired to a monastery. He came back to power when his brother died, and then returned to monastic life.

His character :

Kaelig is an authoritarian, direct and straightforward boy with a certain magnetism. Naturally suspicious, he does not easily trust. However, driven by curiosity, he does not hesitate to take risks to live new experiences and taste change. Kaelig often displays contradictory behavior. On the one hand, he favors security and stability, and on the other hand, takes ever more insane risks while constantly questioning himself. All his life, these changes of character will be manifested constantly. Kaelig provides a lot of effort when he works, to the point of seeming obstinate at times. However, as soon as the monotony is felt during his activities, he can suddenly decide to change projects for the sake of novelty. On the financial side, Kaelig can save money and money like the ant of the fable. Then, for no apparent reason, he will decide to spend everything for trifles.



His party :

The Kaelig are celebrated on December 17th.

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