Name Kathia - Meaning of origin

Name Kathia - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Variation of "Catherine", the name "Kathia" has its origin in the Greek term "kataros", meaning "pure".


Puerto Rican actress Kathia Rodriguez, Quebec's Innu singer Kathia Rock, TV presenter Kathia Gilder, Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatichvili ...
A young martyr of Alexandria, St. Catherine was persecuted before being put to death at 310 because of her Christianity. Patron saint of philosophers and teachers, she is famous for her great wisdom.

His character :

Kathia is a woman swollen with pride. Certainly, his bragging can be badly perceived by his entourage. However, Kathia has an unshakeable confidence in her and does not hesitate to assert herself in society. The proud pace, she is authoritarian and inaccessible.
Disciplined, Kathia attaches particular importance to respect for the hierarchy and organization within a company. Perfectionist, she does not hesitate to put the heart to work to ensure the quality of its work. Besides, she does not miss the opportunity to share her values ​​with her office colleagues. Thanks to her oratorical skills, she easily manages to reason with others. Otherwise, given her emotional emotions, she will not hesitate to use verbal violence to make herself understood.
Side heart, she is dominant and intolerant towards his companion. He will have to be patient before he can really appreciate his real qualities.


Katia, Katie, Katie, Cathie, Cathia, Cathya, Catie, Cathy ...

His party :

People named "Kathia" are honored on April 29th.

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