Name Hilal - Meaning of origin

Name Hilal - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The Arabic term "hilal" means "sumptuous crescent moon".


Actresses of Turkish origin Hilal Cebeci and Hilal Uysun.

His character :

Hilal has an exceptional charm immediately attracting the eye. Dynamic, sensitive and sensual, it rarely goes unnoticed in society. Slightly extroverted, this very sociable woman inspires her entourage and has a remarkable talent for conciliation. In addition, she really appreciates quiet and harmonious environments. Thanks to her ability to adapt and her joie de vivre, she easily integrates with any group. His good humor, his optimism and his unparalleled sense of humor illuminate his loved ones on a daily basis. Even in difficult times, Hilal always manages to play down the situation. It represents the ideal ally to overcome the trials of life. Although she is somewhat nervous and impatient, she knows how to be affable and tender in society. Whatever happens, Hilal manages to breathe an air of freshness and lightness into the room.

A born seductress, Hilal develops an extraordinary persuasive force from an early age. However, this remarkable talent can play against parents as a child. Indeed, this intelligent little girl is able to use her charming and irresistible side to coax her family. Therefore, the parents of this little mischievous must be firm in his education. She likes to please his entourage. This aspect of his character represents a significant advantage to encourage this imp to comply with the rules. In addition to discipline, it is also necessary to inculcate order and patience. In this way, she will no longer be prone to laziness and scattering.


Hillal, Hillel and Hilel.

His party :

Hilal does not have any official event dates.

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